6 Steps Strategy for making a Killing with ClickBank

Making money with ClickBank is getting harder & harder everyday, isn’t it? Life ain’t that easy. Do you know what happens when you lose a minute?

  1. 600 videos are being uploaded on YouTube
  2. 12,000 new ads posted on CraigsList
  3. 375,000 minutes of voice calls on Skype
  4. More than 96,000 Tweets
  5. More than 50 WordPress downloads
  6. 300+ New Twitter accounts
  7. 60+ new blogs & over 1,500+ Blog posts
  8. More than 70 domains are being registered
  9. 700,000 Search Queries
  10. 168 Million Emails are being sent

That’s some big numbers out there, right? In such a competitive world, you would have come across plenty of methods that claim banking with ClickBank. Unfortunately, most of you would have purchased some guides too, that might work.

There is nothing called “Becoming rich overnight” unless you’ve spent sleepless nights working on it. There are plenty of Internet Marketers out there making 5 digits every single day with ClickBank. If they all can, why not
you? All you need is a proper plan & pouring efforts consistenly. Let’s get started

Here is the simple 6 Step Strategy that would help you grow with ClickBank:

Choose a specific niche & grab a series of products to promote

You can make use of CBSurge plugin for Firefox to carry out this step effectively. You can download this FREE plugin from their official website: http://www.cbsurge.com/

You really have to pay lot of attention to this step. Choose the niche you are so passionate about. Let it be Gardening or Games or Cookery or whatever. Don’t choose the niche that you are not interested, but there are people making money out of it. They chose that ‘coz they were interested in it & hence they are successful in it now.

Write an eBook for GiveAway

Why should you do this? You need the email addresses of the people to promote the products, right? In order to grab their email addresses, you have to offer them something for FREE and VALUABLE. So, write an ebook that’s related to your niche and provide the same for free, once they drop their email address.

Don’t worry about the length of the ebook. Write down the points & elaborate the same in brief & understanding.  People are looking for information, not stories. If you think you can’t handle it, feel free to outsource.

Create a Squeeze page

Squeeze page, also known as Landing page is important for your Giveaway. If you don’t have any idea about the landing page, a simple Google search would help you out. Basically if you are strong in HTML, little knowledge about aweber services & possess sound knowledge about visitor’s point of view, you can create an amazing squeeze page.

More catchy your squeeze page, better your conversion rate. There are squeeze pages which has 5% conversion rate & there are a few which has over 75% conversion rates. Again, if you don’t want to take any risks it’s better to outsource.

Driving the Traffic IN

Once the giveaway ebook & squeeze page is ready, you have to send the laser targetted traffic to get started with the conversion. You can either choose PPC campaigns to drive the traffic to your squeeze page or announce prizes for the top referrals who bring the traffic for you.

Say, you are announcing $1,000 for the Top 3 referrals who would drive at least 10K visitors to your squeeze page. If you are promoting a product that pays you $20/sale and at 5% conversion rate, you would make thrice more than what you pay for winners.

So, you don’t have to rely on the paid traffic always. What I just said is a mere example. Let your creativity guide you.

Capturing the Leads

Capturing & following the leads is the most important part of affiliate marketing. Whole of your business is built based on your list. It is really very important to keep track on your subscribers & keep them engaged.

After grabbing the email address, you need a system to handle & keep track of all those details. Aweber is the most recommended email service and they are best in the business. Make use of the $1 trial account offered by the Aweber & the $1 will be refunded after 30 days, if you are not happy with their services.

Set Auto Responders

How auto responders can help you increasing the business? It can help you

  • To build relationship with your subscribers
  • Keep promoting your website & the brand
  • Recommend the services & products that would help solving the problems of your readers

Setting up auto responder is really easy with Aweber. Just play around or you can seek help from their customer support or make use of their video tutorials.

Following the 6 step strategy explained above & playing the game passionately and consistently there is no reason why you won’t bank with ClickBank. Good Luck!

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