Effective and Reliable SEO Tips

Every individual engaged in online marketing industry has their view with regards to effective and reliable SEO tips, but you will sometimes realize that there is information that are conflicting with the others.

The subject matter is so wide that it is difficult to give general information. The only information that is certain is the fundamentals, which will enable you to notice the results and in the process you will start experimenting with regards to the more difficult ones and start learning from there.

The following are the effective and reliable SEO tips you can use to rank high in search engines:

1. The Title of Your Article should include the keyword

Placing the main keyword in the title of the article is the perfect method to make search engines understand the meaning of the keyword. Search engines support web pages that
have keywords well placed all throughout. It will also to a great extent improve your rankings in search engine results.

However, search engines ban sites that place a lot of keywords, which is considered search spam. In the world of search engines, spam is considered as the tactic of a web page to realize an artificial increase in the rankings of search engines.

2. Maximize the potential of article directories

Article directories enable anyone to publish articles for promotion. The articles should be helpful and can’t simply just be posted for deliberate method for an increase in sales.
An article directory site contains numerous articles on different topics that are written and submitted by the authors to assist webmasters to find an article and post it to their

3. Use a website directory

Search engines such as Yahoo and Google provide crawlers or spiders to search the worldwide web for new websites that is being sent out each day. If your company has a new website and you would want search engines to recognize its existence, then the most ideal and simpler thing to do is to let the search engines find your website through links in various website directories.

4. Use social bookmarking

One major characteristic of SEO is social bookmarking. This process will provide the visitors of your website a simpler time when they want to bookmark your web pages.

You can also opt to contract the services of a social bookmarking provider that can save you time and effort and will also enable you to reap the full potential of social bookmarking.

5. Use Link Building

Link building is the method of having the links of different websites to your site. The following are the effects of Link Building to your site:

  • 1. Generates traffic for your website
  • 2. Simpler to get future links
  • 3. Enhances the popularity of your link
  • 4. Boost your site’s page rank
  • 5. Cost efficient Advertising
  • 6. Augments rankings on search engine results
  • 7. Increase in Revenue
  • 8. Makes your business popular
  • 6. Consider site maps.

A site map is the website’s page which can be accessed by the users. It can be in a textused as a tool for planning the web design. It can also be a web page that provides the listings of the website’s pages, normally organized in an orderly fashion. This will help the visitors and search engine robots locate the pages of the site.

One of the effective and reliable SEO that you can consider are site maps. Using site maps will enable you to share the pages of your website to different search engines, which eventually will rank your web pages in a useful method.

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