Paul Liburd Personal Blog of Paul Liburd Wed, 19 Oct 2011 01:00:40 +0000 en hourly 1 Funky SEO Tips Wed, 19 Oct 2011 01:00:40 +0000 Paul If you are looking for funky SEO tips online, you can find a lot of ways to boost the traffic for your site. However, not all techniques will be effective for everyone. Although the fundamentals of building links look exactly the same, you can decide to use acompletely different method each time to be successful.

SEO techniques does matters and they must be treated seriously if you want to rank high in search engines. You have to update your website each time to maintain or surpass your rankings in search results.

The following are some of the funky SEO tips that you can use:

1. If your website is engaged in selling of products or services, it’s a cool idea to provide a micro-website within your website. A micro website refers to a single web page that is intended to function as a support to the main website. Customers will depend on your website when they want to promote their own products.

2. Make comments on different blogs and forums to generate utmost attention. Take an active part in discussions forums, threads, but remember to be respectful and polite to others. This will enable you to build network consisting of bloggers as well as webmasters. Make commentaries to the article at hand. Readers who will read your article will appreciate your comments. Instead of using your real name in the comment section, employ keywords to link them to your site.

3. Every time you are take part in discussions on a particular topic on websites as well as blogs, it is nice to have a happy discussion. Everyone loves people who are easy to get
along with.

3. Whenever you are participating in a discussion on a website or blog, carry the fun element along. Everyone likes smiling faces.

4. Inquire from well-known bloggers and then try to make a list. When your site is engaged on providing a particular service, prepare the possible persuasive questions regarding it. Subsequently, write a letter to different famous bloggers and continue adding the list of their names on your web pages. Those well-known bloggers will then become aware of you and they can as well send you a link back.

5. When you receive the link sent through email messages, social networking websites and blogs, add your link to the list as a reply or a comment.

6. The use of keywords is indispensable. Keywords should be contained in the title of the entire pages and in the headings. The use of double keywords in the title of an article is
an additional technique you will realize that is very useful. The keywords should at all times appear in the first part of the article.

7. You should also put emphasis on building links. Posting your website to a website directory is a magnificent idea. Anyone considering marketing their website should use website directory sites. There are a lot of great benefits of doing it. The method of submitting your website to a website directory is simply one of the many SEO approach
to promote a site effectively.

8. Exchange links with other websites that have by now generated increase in traffic that are related to your website content. There are various website that you can post your
articles that includes the links to your website for at no cost.

9. Maintaining a forum on your website is absolutely one of the best methods to generate traffic for your website. Many people certainly love when they have freedom to
say something on how they feel online.

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Ways to Draw More Readers to Your Blog Wed, 12 Oct 2011 11:17:36 +0000 Paul The problem that most bloggers need to face after they are done setting up their blog is how they can generate traffic. If you share the same problem, do you know how to attract

traffic to your website? Here are five tips for getting more traffic to your blog:

1. Build backlinks from reputable sites.

In order for you to get a high rank in the major search engines, it would be a good idea if you could create backlinks from high traffic websites, such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Even if you only have few backlinks, but they come from highly regarded websites, you still have a big chance of occupying a good position in the search engines.

2. Comment on the contents of other bloggers.

By commenting on the contents written by other bloggers, you can possibly gain backlinks. However, you have to make sure that you post interesting comments in order for you to get noticed.

Always include your link in your signature.

3. Join groups like the Worldwide Partnership Tribe.

help you improve your traffic and your search engine ranking as well. Every time  you post contents on your blog, they will automatically be shared to other members.

This won’t need you to create backlinks or trade links with other bloggers to gather backlinks and rank high in search engines.

4. You need to install plug-ins on your blog.

There are two types of plug-ins that can really help you improve your blog traffic, and the first one is known as the All-in-One search engine optimization pack.

This is not complicated to use. You just have to simply add your keywords as well as your descriptions so Google can easily index your blog. The other type is the XML Sitemap, which can be very helpful in leading search engines to your blog. If search engines are able to crawl your blog, then you will most likely get great exposure from web users.

5. Spend some time researching on your keywords.

You will surely obtain greater traffic if you make use of the right keywords on your contents. You will be able to get hold of the right keywords if you allocate some of your time to keywords
research. It is also vital that you check the competitiveness of the keywords you’ve chosen before posting your contents on your blog.

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How To Become A Successful Blogger Wed, 12 Oct 2011 11:04:30 +0000 Paul Blogging is a great way that you can make some extra money online to supplement your normal income, or even do it as a full time job. Most blogs are free to start and very easy to personalize. Following are some tips to help you blog effectively.

Be informed before you start blogging

Even a personal blog can be improved with tangible information. Making your blog informative while interesting will give your target audience a reason to come back for more. Say for instance your blog talks about allergies, you can post extensive links to resources, recipes, and such like allergy-related sites on a sidebar menu on your homepage. This way, your blog will be a sort-of a Wikipedia where they can come to when they want anything related to allergies.

Be passionate

You need to choose the theme of your blog based on your interest and passion. One of the most common mistakes new blogger make is to choose a theme based on what they believe people want to read, and not what interests them. While you can manage to pull it off easily at the start, it will only be a matter of time before you find it hard to sustain your blog. Remember that a good blog should be updated on a regular basis and in a consistent manner. If you choose a topic that does not interest you, then you will not have the motivation to update your blog, and soon enough you will lose your hard-earned traffic to your competition.

Be precise and accurate in your posts

You need to write what you are sure of, while researching what you do not know. A good blog can lose its credibility as well as its readers if it publishes something imprecise, libelous, or untrue. Always take your time to verify that the information you have there is true to the best of your knowledge, and you will keep traffic to your blog flowing.

Hone your blogging skills

You do not need to be an expert blogger to start blogging, but you need to have some basic knowledge of how it is done. You will need to know how to write attractive, informative, and interesting content for your blog.

Again, if you do not have a passion for your blog, or rather if you do not know the subject intimately, then it will only be a matter of time before it becomes evident, and you will run out of ideas and things to write.

A blog written with passion and from experience has a unique type of depth that will keep your visitors coming back again and again for more insights. Sharing your experience with your target audience creates a sense of credibility, and soon you will come out as an expert in the niche.

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Business Blogging for Beginners Wed, 12 Oct 2011 10:48:05 +0000 Paul When you are engaged in a business, having a blog is not anymore an option, but already compulsory. A blog has myriads of benefits and a number of them are discussed below.

1. It enhances your online presence.

Online presence is important so you’ll be able to attract more people to your blog. We all are aware that millions of people are flocking the internet daily and many of them are visiting blogs. This means that if you are popular among them, this will definitely benefit the profitability of your business big time.

2. It can increase the traffic to your business website.

A blog can help you direct people to your website by way of producing persuading contents. If you will fill your blog with interesting contents about the products or services you are offering, your readers will most likely follow the link to your site and this means more traffic and more sales.

3. Your blog can easily be shared.

By having a blog, you can easily promote your products or services by sharing it through several ways. One of them is that you can post your link in social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook and your followers and friends can share it with THEIR followers provided that your contents are good. If you have impressive contents on your blog, this can go viral.

4. You can interact with your target market and customers.

What your customers think is really important because you can use their comments to improve the quality of your products and your marketing strategy. Always encourage your readers to
comment on your blogs or participate in your forums.

5. You can provide useful information to your target market.

If there are things that you want people to know about your products or services, or anything related to it, you can make use of a blog. This is also an effective way to address the needs
of your customers. If they have queries regarding your niche, it would be a good idea if you answer them in the best way you can while explaining the benefits of your products. Always remember that you should not sound like a salesman in your contents or answers because your readers might just get turned off or annoyed.

6. A business blog serves as an all-day promotion for your business.

Blogs can be reached anytime of the day and it doesn’t matter which country you’re from, which means that your business is continuously operating and being promoted even when you’re not behind the wheel.

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Effective and Reliable SEO Tips Wed, 12 Oct 2011 01:00:20 +0000 Paul Every individual engaged in online marketing industry has their view with regards to effective and reliable SEO tips, but you will sometimes realize that there is information that are conflicting with the others.

The subject matter is so wide that it is difficult to give general information. The only information that is certain is the fundamentals, which will enable you to notice the results and in the process you will start experimenting with regards to the more difficult ones and start learning from there.

The following are the effective and reliable SEO tips you can use to rank high in search engines:

1. The Title of Your Article should include the keyword

Placing the main keyword in the title of the article is the perfect method to make search engines understand the meaning of the keyword. Search engines support web pages that
have keywords well placed all throughout. It will also to a great extent improve your rankings in search engine results.

However, search engines ban sites that place a lot of keywords, which is considered search spam. In the world of search engines, spam is considered as the tactic of a web page to realize an artificial increase in the rankings of search engines.

2. Maximize the potential of article directories

Article directories enable anyone to publish articles for promotion. The articles should be helpful and can’t simply just be posted for deliberate method for an increase in sales.
An article directory site contains numerous articles on different topics that are written and submitted by the authors to assist webmasters to find an article and post it to their

3. Use a website directory

Search engines such as Yahoo and Google provide crawlers or spiders to search the worldwide web for new websites that is being sent out each day. If your company has a new website and you would want search engines to recognize its existence, then the most ideal and simpler thing to do is to let the search engines find your website through links in various website directories.

4. Use social bookmarking

One major characteristic of SEO is social bookmarking. This process will provide the visitors of your website a simpler time when they want to bookmark your web pages.

You can also opt to contract the services of a social bookmarking provider that can save you time and effort and will also enable you to reap the full potential of social bookmarking.

5. Use Link Building

Link building is the method of having the links of different websites to your site. The following are the effects of Link Building to your site:

  • 1. Generates traffic for your website
  • 2. Simpler to get future links
  • 3. Enhances the popularity of your link
  • 4. Boost your site’s page rank
  • 5. Cost efficient Advertising
  • 6. Augments rankings on search engine results
  • 7. Increase in Revenue
  • 8. Makes your business popular
  • 6. Consider site maps.

A site map is the website’s page which can be accessed by the users. It can be in a textused as a tool for planning the web design. It can also be a web page that provides the listings of the website’s pages, normally organized in an orderly fashion. This will help the visitors and search engine robots locate the pages of the site.

One of the effective and reliable SEO that you can consider are site maps. Using site maps will enable you to share the pages of your website to different search engines, which eventually will rank your web pages in a useful method.

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Tips for Outsourcing Your SEO to a Qualified Company Mon, 10 Oct 2011 01:04:26 +0000 Paul Businesses find it beneficial to outsource their SEO to a qualified company because of the high rankings they achieve in search engines. Websites gain importance as well as popularity when it ranks high in search engines result.

A SEO campaign successfully implemented will provide you the capability to enhance your website’s online visibility as you expected in search engine results and generate a greater traffic to your site that will eventually lead to an increase in revenues.

Outsourcing your SEO to a qualified company provides you as the website owner the opportunity to focus more your attention on making your business grow and create awareness for your product.

The following are the Essential Tips for Outsourcing Your SEO:

1) Choose a credible SEO company. It is worth remembering that SEO companies are the current hottest trend in the internet industry. With so many companies competing and vying to get a client, it is more likely that you have received an e-mail or have been called up numerous times on the telephone by different SEO companies offering their services.

It is advisable to first check the credibility of a SEO company before you decide to contract one so that you will know whether the company is legitimate. Choose a SEO company that practices the ethical standards of the industry, with reasonable rates and quality outputs that can provide the needs and requirements of your site.

2) With Experience You Can’t Go Wrong. Experienced SEO firms can be expected to give you quality works and better job in providing all your needs and specifications for your website. Everybody wants to contract the services of an experienced SEO company that can proudly show you their portfolio of successful projects that have rank very high in search engines.

It is wise to choose a SEO company that has state-of-the-art techniques because the business of SEO is continuously evolving. Being a website owner it is advisable to have an adequate knowledge with SEO so that you can wisely choose a company that is well versed and reliable to do business with.

3) Reasonable rates, quality outputs. It is better to work with a SEO company that will offer a quality output based on reasonable rates so that you will get your money’s worth. There are times that choosing the cheapest rate will not be good for your company. As they say you pay little I give little.

A reliable SEO company will be capable of providing you with quality service that required only minimal effort so that you company will minimize cost but maximize revenues.

4. Clearly define your requirements. Before you start contracting a SEO company for your website, it is significant to let the company know what your expectations are. A proficient SEO company understands completely your target customers, thus will take measures, which will draw the attention of higher number of customers to your website.

Outsource for a SEO company that will make sure that it can give your website the  maximum lift for your company in terms of high ranking in search engines. The current business trend is very competitive and it is very essential to make certain that you will have superior output to keep pace with the environment. Choose a SEO company that can maximize your company’s full potential.

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How To Make Money Through Blogging Thu, 06 Oct 2011 11:05:00 +0000 Paul Creating a lucrative blog may seem to be an overwhelming task for most webmasters, but truth of the matter is, it can earn you a substantial amount of money. Actually, the only intensive and time consuming task is coming up with the blog itself, once you have everything set i.e. the hosting, domain, and good and interesting content for your blog, then money will start trickling in while you are snoring, literally.

You however need to commit your time or money to ensure your blog has fresh content added on a regular and consistent basis. Once you get a hold of this, you can then follow the following ideas to have a lucrative blog.

Product Ads

One way you can make money online from your blog is to join affiliate program sites like eBay and Amazon. You can be able to match the products available in these websites with the content that you write on your blog, and then easily incorporate the promotions as you would like. You can provide a link of the products and services to your web content each time you post, or offer a widget of books for your readers that they can choose from, the choice is all yours.

Ad clicks

Introducing ads on your website is the easiest known way you can make your blog a profitable one. You can add ads from Google Ad Sense, Kontera, Bidvertiser, or several other options available online. If possible, ensure you have more than one ad placement on the blog so that you can diversify your blog’s earning potential.

Affiliate links

Joining affiliate programs is another way you can turn your blog into a lucrative one. There are affiliate programs such as commission Junction or Clickbank which can help you realize your dream. As long as you select high earning products related to your website’s niche, you can rest assured of making a substantial amount of money online. You can be able to redirect your readers to the affiliate products that you are promoting by placing links on the side bar of the blog, linking the product’s url in your web content, or even sending product recommendations to all who sign up for your newsletter.

There are so many ways you can make your blog profitable. These are just few of the tried, tested, and proven ways in which if you can manage to execute effectively, can earn you a decent income online. The secret is to be creative enough to keep your readers entertained and informed.

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Write It Yourself Tue, 27 Sep 2011 13:04:34 +0000 Paul This is the part where most newbies find themselves unequal to the task.
They just get struck in the mentality that their product need to be perfect otherwise they’ll be ridiculed.

After being two and half years in the internet marketing field and successfully creating and selling millions of dollars of worth of information products, I can assure you that there is very little truth in this false assumption.

Although I can’t deny the fact that you need sufficient knowledge of your subject before you start,the perfection kind of thing is totally ridiculous.

When I started out,I too had all these crippling fears and it took me 3 long weeks to finish my first report even if it was less than thirty page long…

Now after successfully creating and selling more than 40 products in a variety of niches, I can confidently say that the buyers don’t seek Shakespearean verses .They just seek solutions to their problems…and if you can present that in a simple manner, you are going to make a lot of sales.

The truth is that no one can create a perfect product..You can find faults even in the products created by the best experts in the field.

You just need to have more knowledge than your prospective customers and you can easily attain that by going through article directories and few pre-existing products on the topic.

Once you have some knowledge on the subject,just start writing.Just write down everything you know.Don’t worry for the grammatical mistakes,just keep writing.You can always correct the mistakes afterwards.

Every writer sometimes feels the writer’s block.It’s a painful situation.During such phases,it feels like you have run out of words ,ideas get lost and if you try to write a single sentence ,it turns out to be crap.

The good news is that you can easily overcome this block with practice, perseverance and determination. The best way to get over this block is start writing, even if all you write in the beginning is total crap.

You’ll experience that the momentum builds with time, concentration returns and you start feeling more and more comfortable, words starts falling into right places naturally and ideas start coming to your mind whenever you need them.

As far as writing is concerned, you can easily create 20E30 page reports in a day or two by just applying the following formula:

i)Create a clear outline before you start writing:

The biggest hurdle you can create for yourself is the lack of a proper plan.Break your report down in chapters and note down how much content you are going pack in every chapter.Stick to that outline when you go for completion.

Lets assume that you are creating a product on the topic “acne”.Then your outline can be like:

“What is Acne?”

“What are the causes behind its outbreak?”

“The Damage Acne can do to your confidence and personality”

“atural Cures for Acne:

ii)Identify Headlines:

There will be some major topics inside your report.Clearly specify them.Write them down in a notepad or a piece of paper.You are going to create your report based on these major points.

iii)Identify subEheadlines:

It always happens.When you sit down to write your report,many ideas will pop in your head and you’ll feel the need of dividing some chapters into sub-chapters.But I would suggest you to go for it before you start writing.

The more clear your whole plan is,the easier you’ll find it to complete the report in shortest possible time.

iv)Gather Content:

The next step is to find the content.Google search,article directories,popular blogs and niche specific forums will serve this purpose very well.In the case you can afford to spend some money,buying a few related products is a good idea.Copying anything from someone else’s product is not advised but you can use that material to form your own ideas.

v)Fill In The Blanks:

You have already specified headlines and sub-headlines.You have collected enough content too.Now your job is just reduced to filling the blanks.You can easily complete a 20-30 page report in a day with decent typing speed.

If you are a slow typer then I would advise to use some voice recognition software.

Most of the new PCs come with built in voice recognition system.In the case your PC doesn’t have it ,purchasing some voice recognition software  like “Dragon Naturally Speaking” is a good idea.This tool costs around $200,but it can increase your writing speed by as much as 5  times and you’ll certainly be able to recover your investment within a few days.

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6 Steps Strategy for making a Killing with ClickBank Tue, 30 Aug 2011 14:10:07 +0000 Paul Making money with ClickBank is getting harder & harder everyday, isn’t it? Life ain’t that easy. Do you know what happens when you lose a minute?

  1. 600 videos are being uploaded on YouTube
  2. 12,000 new ads posted on CraigsList
  3. 375,000 minutes of voice calls on Skype
  4. More than 96,000 Tweets
  5. More than 50 WordPress downloads
  6. 300+ New Twitter accounts
  7. 60+ new blogs & over 1,500+ Blog posts
  8. More than 70 domains are being registered
  9. 700,000 Search Queries
  10. 168 Million Emails are being sent

That’s some big numbers out there, right? In such a competitive world, you would have come across plenty of methods that claim banking with ClickBank. Unfortunately, most of you would have purchased some guides too, that might work.

There is nothing called “Becoming rich overnight” unless you’ve spent sleepless nights working on it. There are plenty of Internet Marketers out there making 5 digits every single day with ClickBank. If they all can, why not
you? All you need is a proper plan & pouring efforts consistenly. Let’s get started

Here is the simple 6 Step Strategy that would help you grow with ClickBank:

Choose a specific niche & grab a series of products to promote

You can make use of CBSurge plugin for Firefox to carry out this step effectively. You can download this FREE plugin from their official website:

You really have to pay lot of attention to this step. Choose the niche you are so passionate about. Let it be Gardening or Games or Cookery or whatever. Don’t choose the niche that you are not interested, but there are people making money out of it. They chose that ‘coz they were interested in it & hence they are successful in it now.

Write an eBook for GiveAway

Why should you do this? You need the email addresses of the people to promote the products, right? In order to grab their email addresses, you have to offer them something for FREE and VALUABLE. So, write an ebook that’s related to your niche and provide the same for free, once they drop their email address.

Don’t worry about the length of the ebook. Write down the points & elaborate the same in brief & understanding.  People are looking for information, not stories. If you think you can’t handle it, feel free to outsource.

Create a Squeeze page

Squeeze page, also known as Landing page is important for your Giveaway. If you don’t have any idea about the landing page, a simple Google search would help you out. Basically if you are strong in HTML, little knowledge about aweber services & possess sound knowledge about visitor’s point of view, you can create an amazing squeeze page.

More catchy your squeeze page, better your conversion rate. There are squeeze pages which has 5% conversion rate & there are a few which has over 75% conversion rates. Again, if you don’t want to take any risks it’s better to outsource.

Driving the Traffic IN

Once the giveaway ebook & squeeze page is ready, you have to send the laser targetted traffic to get started with the conversion. You can either choose PPC campaigns to drive the traffic to your squeeze page or announce prizes for the top referrals who bring the traffic for you.

Say, you are announcing $1,000 for the Top 3 referrals who would drive at least 10K visitors to your squeeze page. If you are promoting a product that pays you $20/sale and at 5% conversion rate, you would make thrice more than what you pay for winners.

So, you don’t have to rely on the paid traffic always. What I just said is a mere example. Let your creativity guide you.

Capturing the Leads

Capturing & following the leads is the most important part of affiliate marketing. Whole of your business is built based on your list. It is really very important to keep track on your subscribers & keep them engaged.

After grabbing the email address, you need a system to handle & keep track of all those details. Aweber is the most recommended email service and they are best in the business. Make use of the $1 trial account offered by the Aweber & the $1 will be refunded after 30 days, if you are not happy with their services.

Set Auto Responders

How auto responders can help you increasing the business? It can help you

  • To build relationship with your subscribers
  • Keep promoting your website & the brand
  • Recommend the services & products that would help solving the problems of your readers

Setting up auto responder is really easy with Aweber. Just play around or you can seek help from their customer support or make use of their video tutorials.

Following the 6 step strategy explained above & playing the game passionately and consistently there is no reason why you won’t bank with ClickBank. Good Luck!

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Online Market Research – 5 FREE Tools You Must Have! Mon, 11 Jul 2011 17:41:32 +0000 Paul Online Marketing Research is an important aspect, if you are either into affiliate marketing or creating a product of your own.

Why online marketing research is so important? Let’s get this straight. You might have heard about Pareto’s 80-20 rule. Still, having a glance won’t harm. The rule states that, “80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients”. So, it is important to know who are your clients & what do they want. Unless you are a magician or a mind-reader, you won’t have those details in your pocket. This is exactly where online marketing research gets into the picture.

Alright, now how to conduct an online marketing research? World of Web is a lot different from your Real World. You can’t just pick a random product and start working on it. Firstly, you need to find your expertise, and with the help of online marketing research you have to trace out what people want & start working on the product or choose the product to promote. If you are going to create your own product, then it is important to have a dedicate website for selling the same. Whereas, if you are planning to be an affiliate for someone’s product you can promote with or without a website.

In either case, you need to find your targeted keywords, competitors and a lot more. But, how to grab those details? Honestly, grabbing those information manually is a real pain. Besides, why go for manual when there are tools to help you out?

5 FREE Online Marketing Research Tools For You

1. Free Keyword Research Tool – Keywords research is probably the starting point for any online marketing activity. Choosing keywords are most important to attract a visitor, and to turn him out as your Online Marketing Researchbuyer/customer. How does it feel when you’re getting the most trusted & most popular Keyword tool for free? Make use of Google Adwords Keyword Research tool which is 100% FREE-to-use.

2. Free Competition Research Tool – After you sort out the list of keywords you are going to target, you need to find out the competition out there for each of the keywords in your list. To know the number of websites that have content targeting the keyword you chose, just type your keyword in double quotes in Google. Syntax: “Keyword” Eg: “Affiliate Marketing” The result is the number of websites you are going to compete with. Do not worry about the big numbers. Not all of them out there are as serious as you are. But again, if you are looking to see positive results in a few weeks, do not try to rank for the keywords that have results in 6 or more digits.

3. Free Keyword Density Tool – Now, you are building your websites targetting to be on First page on Major Search engines, you have to optimize your website for something called keyword density. In simple words, this is the percentage of keywords on a specific page on your website. To measure the keyword density of any page for FREE, use

4. Free Web Rankings Tool – You have developed a website with your own content, that is sitting on the WWW for a while now. It is important to know your webpages are ranking for your targetted keywords or search terms. Just install this FREE tool called “SEO BOOK”, and it will take care of the rest.

5. Free Traffic Rank Tool – You may want to know your Website’s rank in terms of traffic. Check and this site will tell you the rank of a particular website you enter, based on its traffic. This is handy when you are checking your competitor’s Traffic rankings.

The above listed FREE Tools must be a great help for your online marketing research. Good Luck!

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