Funky SEO Tips

If you are looking for funky SEO tips online, you can find a lot of ways to boost the traffic for your site. However, not all techniques will be effective for everyone. Although the fundamentals of building links look exactly the same, you can decide to use acompletely different method each time to be successful.

SEO techniques does matters and they must be treated seriously if you want to rank high in search engines. You have to update your website each time to maintain or surpass your rankings in search results.

The following are some of the funky SEO tips that you can use:

1. If your website is engaged in selling of products or services, it’s a cool idea to provide a micro-website within your website. A micro website refers to a single web page that is intended to function as a support to the main website. Customers will depend on your website when they want to promote their own products.

2. Make comments on different blogs and forums to generate utmost attention. Take an active part in discussions forums, threads, but remember to be respectful and polite to others. This will enable you to build network consisting of bloggers as well as webmasters. Make commentaries to the article at hand. Readers who will read your article will appreciate your comments. Instead of using your real name in the comment section, employ keywords to link them to your site.

3. Every time you are take part in discussions on a particular topic on websites as well as blogs, it is nice to have a happy discussion. Everyone loves people who are easy to get
along with.

3. Whenever you are participating in a discussion on a website or blog, carry the fun element along. Everyone likes smiling faces.

4. Inquire from well-known bloggers and then try to make a list. When your site is engaged on providing a particular service, prepare the possible persuasive questions regarding it. Subsequently, write a letter to different famous bloggers and continue adding the list of their names on your web pages. Those well-known bloggers will then become aware of you and they can as well send you a link back.

5. When you receive the link sent through email messages, social networking websites and blogs, add your link to the list as a reply or a comment.

6. The use of keywords is indispensable. Keywords should be contained in the title of the entire pages and in the headings. The use of double keywords in the title of an article is
an additional technique you will realize that is very useful. The keywords should at all times appear in the first part of the article.

7. You should also put emphasis on building links. Posting your website to a website directory is a magnificent idea. Anyone considering marketing their website should use website directory sites. There are a lot of great benefits of doing it. The method of submitting your website to a website directory is simply one of the many SEO approach
to promote a site effectively.

8. Exchange links with other websites that have by now generated increase in traffic that are related to your website content. There are various website that you can post your
articles that includes the links to your website for at no cost.

9. Maintaining a forum on your website is absolutely one of the best methods to generate traffic for your website. Many people certainly love when they have freedom to
say something on how they feel online.

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