What are heat maps and why you should use THEM?

Human eyes tend to see specific areas of a website once it gets opened. Using this data a heat map is created and it helps to fix a place on the website to post your ads. Many years of research done by marketing experts have brought about an understanding of various patterns of how people view and go through a web page. These heat maps are colored charts that indicate areas where people tend to look at. There are three colors used in a map which are orange, yellow and red. In a heat map dark shades of a color indicate more visibility of that area.

Why you should use THEM

If you have a web site, try reconstructing it using the heat map as a reference to place your ads at the right places. This way you can end up placing ads on hot spots that people tend to see more of your ads there. Placing heat mapsyour ads on the dark areas that appear on a heat map helps you. It is nothing but placing ads in the hi-profile areas where human eyes tend to rotate. This helps you a lot in getting more people to see what you have to sell. This is the reason why you might have observed all the best companies placing their ads on the top most corners of a site.

Golden triangle

It is a famous seo term which refers to a particular spot on the search engine results page. The top left corner of the page wins the most visibility of a user. This map helps in a natural search as well as the paid ads’ visibility. As far as what the heat maps covey, the top area and the central area of a web page get the most visibility. The second best is to place a paid ad in the top right column. Other areas win less pay-per-click by Google adwords.

How a heat map makes a Marketing tool
The benefit of heat maps is that they analyze the viewer’s attitude. You can identify what areas capture more of the viewers’ attention.

With the help of heat maps you can analyze which part of the links on a web page get the click. Suppose if you place a link “computers for sale” you will know whether the viewer clicks on the word computers or the words “for sale”. If you study this behavior you can come up with a better site with better salability. You can easily identify the ignored areas of the site with the help of a heat map.

Identify the high traffic spots with a heat map and put your ads there and derive the benefits. Pay more attention to bigger trafficked areas on the menu. Find whether something could be done to make it better. You can optimize the landing page and increase the conversion of online forms

Places where you get heatmap applications

There are some places where you can get your site’s heat map.

Click heat: you can get a heat map which is functional free of cost at click heat.

Crazy egg: it is a paid service and its package has the heat map feature. So check it out.

Click density: this is also a web analytics package which offers heat map and is a paid service.

Fuse stats: This is also a free application which is very simple and effective. It comes with heat mapping technology and you can use it on all pages of your site.

Overall, the heat maps can be a guiding star when it comes to optimize a site to win the maximum viewer ship for your ads.

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