What is Internet Marketing

What the hell is internet marketing?

Here, there and everywhere you have heard of internet marketing and you asked yourself “Hey, what the hell is internet marketing?” Am I right? Okay, I swear, I’ll sort it out for you right now. You know what? I had the sameinternet marketing problem a few years ago and nobody sorted it out for me and I was just ready to rule it off and say “It’s all a scam, man.” They look and sound too good to be true. Some marketing strategies promise riches. Some show a great lifestyle. But is it really possible? I had a tough skeptical skull inside my head and I never believed anything easily. Then, came a close friend of mine to enlighten me. He showed me the What it is. Wow! I thought. I was amazed to see the power of this medium. After completely understanding what internet marketing is, here I am to tell you all I know and you don’t have to go through reams of pages and loads of information. I’ll put it in a nut shell. Just sit back and relax. Mark my words; you will go awe struck after knowing the actual potential of internet marketing! Grab a coffee and join me.

What exactly is it?

Okay, let me make it simple for you. It is nothing but marketing of products or services through the internet. Some call it web marketing, online marketing or e-marketing. Sounds simple, right? Now, how to gain something out of this medium? Is it safe? Is it a scam? I’m going to answer all your questions.

Is it some kind of a scam?

You heard everybody talking about internet marketing. But you have not seen any of them getting rich. Right? They say it’s a scam and you buy that opinion. No. They expected riches in a jiffy and when it didn’t work, they said it’s a scam. Let me tell you something, there might be some get rich immediately scams out there. But what I’m going to tell you now is the genuine way of making those bucks. And believe me-its hard work and smart work coupled together; so it naturally takes time. Do you agree with me?

Before I go into this, let me brief you with some points. The main advantage of the internet is it has a global audience. Not just a city or a country but you can get exposure in the whole world. Great! Isn’t it??? It’s also interactive and you tend to get instant response. What else is required for advertising and sales? While browsing through some sites you must have noticed banner ads on web pages. Yes. That is part of internet marketing. It is considered a cost effective solution to sell. Today, customers can know about a product through net and buy it at their own place. It’s that simple. Customers view an ad, click on it and go the directed site to buy the product or service. The results of these online marketing campaigns can be assessed easily by the clicks on the ads. This is not possible through hoardings or a newspaper ad; right? So there you are. Through internet marketing you can show great results to advertisers.

What are the types of internet marketing?

Pay per click:

You must have heard of Pay per click. It is nothing but a payment given to send a visitor from one site to another. It is a process of diverting traffic for money. If you are a web site owner you can add a link on your site to send prospective customers to the site of the business owner and earn money per visitor sent. If you are a business owner you can earn visitors sent by other sites and pay them per visit. It works that way. Google offers two kinds of services. One is adwords and the other is adsense. If you want your ad to be displayed on Google when a relevant keyword is searched, then you can use adwords. If you have a site and want would like to display ads from Google on it then you can use adsense. Here Google pays you something for every click.

Affiliate programs:

If you own a site which can sell well then you can join an affiliate program. I recommend Clickbank and commission junction. You can figure out the best affiliate programs at clickbank. They offer earn per click (EPC). In my opinion selling information is preferred over selling a product. Once you decide what to sell come up with a sales letter on your site.


So you want to rank well in Google keyword search and you can’t afford pay per click? Okay, not a problem; there are other ways for that. But you need to do all that it takes to increase traffic to your site. This includes filling your content with keywords, shortening your code and buying some incoming links. Yes. It impacts on your rankings. Buy links from other sites which rank high and are related to your industry or business type. See that your links are added to online directories and gain link popularity.


You know these colorful, animated ads, right? They are normally on the top, bottom or the left and right margins of the site. They are links to different sites and if a person clicks on them, a new site gets opened.


These are online magazines and you can buy space to post your advertisement on them. If you can afford space on the most popular online magazine, then your task of reaching more people is over.

Buying and selling

Let me first explain how it works. First observe the products that sell best on net. Create a new website and offer those products for a lower price. Make your site attractive and compile good content. Tell your visitors that all other sites selling the same product are scams and you are the one and only genuine one around. This might build up some business for you.

One more thing you can do is buy a product in whole sale and start selling it on Ebay. You need to handle the task of shipping. Buy the hottest products from the wholesalers and sell them on EBay. You can make big money on it. Believe me. I literally make 30k a month doing this!

How much money can I make?

Many of us are making it big here and so can you too. Many people got into internet marketing taking it seriously as their full time occupation. I don’t want to say that it’s easy. All I want to say is- it’s not impossible. If you get to know the basics, you will discover that it is neither a scam nor easy money. It is hard work and it pays. And when it pays, it pays big; big enough that you can literally make a career in it. Sky is not the limit once you reach that particular juncture. What are you waiting for? Zoom off like a rocket in the skies of internet marketing. good luck!

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