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heat maps

What are heat maps and why you should use THEM?

Human eyes tend to see specific areas of a website once it gets opened. Using this data a heat map is created and it helps to fix a place on the website to post your ads. Many years of research done by...
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top forums

Top 3 Internet Marketing Forums and Why You should Join Them

An internet forum is a place on the web where you can hold discussions and meet other members. You can also call them message boards or discussion groups. Normally internet forums are a house for conflicts....
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promoting cpa offers

Tips on promoting CPA offers

If you have understood what CPA offers are then let me explain ways to promote your Cpa offers. Before taking up a campaign try to understand these tips. It takes time to completely gain knowledge on how...
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internet marketing

What is Internet Marketing

What the hell is internet marketing? Here, there and everywhere you have heard of internet marketing and you asked yourself “Hey, what the hell is internet marketing?” Am I right? Okay, I swear, I’ll...
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