Write It Yourself

This is the part where most newbies find themselves unequal to the task.
They just get struck in the mentality that their product need to be perfect otherwise they’ll be ridiculed.

After being two and half years in the internet marketing field and successfully creating and selling millions of dollars of worth of information products, I can assure you that there is very little truth in this false assumption.

Although I can’t deny the fact that you need sufficient knowledge of your subject before you start,the perfection kind of thing is totally ridiculous.

When I started out,I too had all these crippling fears and it took me 3 long weeks to finish my first report even if it was less than thirty page long…

Now after successfully creating and selling more than 40 products in a variety of niches, I can confidently say that the buyers don’t seek Shakespearean verses .They just seek solutions to their problems…and if you can present that in a simple manner, you are going to make a lot of sales.

The truth is that no one can create a perfect product..You can find faults even in the products created by the best experts in the field.

You just need to have more knowledge than your prospective customers and you can easily attain that by going through article directories and few pre-existing products on the topic.

Once you have some knowledge on the subject,just start writing.Just write down everything you know.Don’t worry for the grammatical mistakes,just keep writing.You can always correct the mistakes afterwards.

Every writer sometimes feels the writer’s block.It’s a painful situation.During such phases,it feels like you have run out of words ,ideas get lost and if you try to write a single sentence ,it turns out to be crap.

The good news is that you can easily overcome this block with practice, perseverance and determination. The best way to get over this block is start writing, even if all you write in the beginning is total crap.

You’ll experience that the momentum builds with time, concentration returns and you start feeling more and more comfortable, words starts falling into right places naturally and ideas start coming to your mind whenever you need them.

As far as writing is concerned, you can easily create 20E30 page reports in a day or two by just applying the following formula:

i)Create a clear outline before you start writing:

The biggest hurdle you can create for yourself is the lack of a proper plan.Break your report down in chapters and note down how much content you are going pack in every chapter.Stick to that outline when you go for completion.

Lets assume that you are creating a product on the topic “acne”.Then your outline can be like:

“What is Acne?”

“What are the causes behind its outbreak?”

“The Damage Acne can do to your confidence and personality”

“atural Cures for Acne:

ii)Identify Headlines:

There will be some major topics inside your report.Clearly specify them.Write them down in a notepad or a piece of paper.You are going to create your report based on these major points.

iii)Identify subEheadlines:

It always happens.When you sit down to write your report,many ideas will pop in your head and you’ll feel the need of dividing some chapters into sub-chapters.But I would suggest you to go for it before you start writing.

The more clear your whole plan is,the easier you’ll find it to complete the report in shortest possible time.

iv)Gather Content:

The next step is to find the content.Google search,article directories,popular blogs and niche specific forums will serve this purpose very well.In the case you can afford to spend some money,buying a few related products is a good idea.Copying anything from someone else’s product is not advised but you can use that material to form your own ideas.

v)Fill In The Blanks:

You have already specified headlines and sub-headlines.You have collected enough content too.Now your job is just reduced to filling the blanks.You can easily complete a 20-30 page report in a day with decent typing speed.

If you are a slow typer then I would advise to use some voice recognition software.

Most of the new PCs come with built in voice recognition system.In the case your PC doesn’t have it ,purchasing some voice recognition software  like “Dragon Naturally Speaking” is a good idea.This tool costs around $200,but it can increase your writing speed by as much as 5  times and you’ll certainly be able to recover your investment within a few days.

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